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  • Kenya: Set 5 - Rift Valley Fellowship and the IDP Camp

    Here are the final images from our Kenya trip. The main goal was to assist Rift Valley Fellowship in reaching out to the community by sharing hope in Christ. The road that runs through the middle of Maai Mahiu in the Rift Valley is known as the HIV Highway. The road is largely trafficked by truckers, and prostitution is the main income for women in the city. HIV has spread like wildfire. Most women want out of this line of work, but are unable or unconfident to find other work.

    Instead of condemning the city as other churches are known to do in the area, Rift Valley Fellowship has been visiting people where they work and live. With each visit they listen and ask to pray over each person. This is a completely foreign concept to most, but has been overwhelmingly well received.

    The IDP (Internally Displaces People) Camp is a completely different story, but the church has been ministering the same way. These people were displaced during the 2007/8 riots that surrounded the presidential election. Most of the dispute was tribal. We heard horrible stories that each of these people saw. You can google the rest.